Interurban Bus Trip in Turkey

Interurban buses is always a good alternative to airlines in Turkey. Although the price is more affordable, it’s a much more slow alternative. I made a round-trip in this New Year from Ankara to Izmir. The both took 8 and half hour. I enjoyed both. I learned somethings in my trips. Let me share with you.

1- Don’t be selective for bus companies

There’s no much quality difference between companies. Even if there is these are unimportant things. For example my trip took 50 lira (8.5$). The other one 65 lira (11$).Do you know what was the only difference? A “Topkek” and Angry Birds game on a tv screen. This money will be more useful when in your pocket.

Topkek(with hazelnut and cacao) less than 1 lira

2- Buses are never punctual

Yes, this one may be intolerable for planned people. I annoyed despite I don’t have any hurry. The delay may be variable but somehow it happens. One of the buses I got on delayed half an hour and the other one was 15 minutes late. If you’re on your lucky day , you’ll never meet.

3- Insane cigaret consumption in terminals

This is so disturbing for not-smoking peoples like me. If we assume that there are a lot of insensitive people this is a bad situation. Even if there is a “Non-Cigaret Area” in some terminals, people don’t obey the rule and smokes inside this area. The officers were also accustomed, did not even warn. ( Rules ok , control nah )

Izmir Terminal

4-You may coincidence cute traditions

When I was returning to Ankara, before the bus arrived at the terminal, the bus assistant (in daily usage Turkish: muavin) served everybody lemon cologne. This is a common tradition that people who live in Turkey make when guests come to the house.I liked it when it’s done to me.

Ankara Interurban Bus Terminal

If you bought your ticket on the internet, you may not be able to see your waiting area .Go and ask the company’s information desk. Don’t try to find it by yourself, it can be confusing.

Going that way by wearing headphones and listening to music during the night journey, daydreaming, making plans about the future, revising yourself, stopping at the facilities during breaks and getting fresh air… There’s not enough time on the plane to make them.

I can recommend you some Turkish long way music(in my list):

  • Uzun Ince Bir Yoldayım- Baris Manco
  • Bu Havada Gidilmez – Manuş Baba
  • Geceler – Ezhel
  • Derman – Ezhel
  • Yak Yak Yak – Şehinşah
  • Kendime Yalan Söyledim – Seksen Dört
  • Saz mı Caz mı? – Çağla (only in summer)
  • Yaz Günü – Hadise (only in summer)
  • Dağların Karı Yetmez – Selçuk Balcı (for Blacksea Region)
  • Türk’ün Türküsü- Osman Öztunç (Turkish Nationalists proud of this :D)

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